Mail Fulfilment

Mailrooms Online believe in intelligent designs, innovative ideas and creative thinking.                                            

Direct Mail is an important part of your company’s ongoing Marketing campaigns, we believe this is the best way to establish new conversations which would lead to an increasing customer base.                

If a message is clear and personal; and it offers relevant information and relevant promotions then direct marketing will help build a lasting, strong relationship with your company and your brand. This proves to be a very powerful tool.

Here are some of the Mail Fulfilment services Mailrooms Online provide:

  • Machine Document Insertion
  • Binding                
  • Document Insertion by Hand
  • Booklet Making
  • Poly Wrapping
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Collation – Hand Collation

Document Scanning

Mailrooms Online use the top of the range document scanning software and machines to capture individual items of date automatically.

There are many benefits included from automated input, accuracy is improved, file creation and building an improved database; therefore data capture is made faster.

When scanning a document we do not just capture all of the information on the page, we can also identify and capture individual items, this is all part of the data capture process. Data is stored and indexed then is sorted through and forwarded electronically back to you for further checking and processing.

These documents can consist of any size up to A3 and/or double sided.

Mailrooms Online are able to:

  • offer recognition and hand-printed text
  • scan whole pages
  • image enhancement
  • Identify words.
  • Numbers, images automatically
  • look up tables, check results
  • capture barcodes

Should your company have multiple questions or a complex questionnaire, a need to create an electronic filing system or incoming mailor or just an easy to complete competition entry form, we will have the best solution for you.

  • For easy checking, your documents are indexed to match the original files
  • We can output the answers in a format to suit your requirements
  • To make it easier to find, all image Papers can be numbered, to help you find these at a later date

Mailrooms Online also undertake research, report statistics and analyse trends.

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