Email & Hard Copy

There isn’t a more powerful way to connect with your existing customers and also increase your new customers base than when you communicate with them in the way they enjoy and understand the most.

Receiving an email and follow up correspondance by “real mail” will create a difference and will elicit a much more positive response.

This consistently delivers higher response rates and by using digital outreach you can start conversations and continue it just how the customer likes it.


Enquiries and orders are increasing rapidly via the internet. Mailrooms Online operate “response” sites on the internet, your responders to marketing campaigns are immediately able to source more comprehensive information than may have been possible for you to include at the initial promotional level.

Hard Copy

Coupon responses from newspaper advertising campaigns still feature strongly in the equation, particularly on customer campaigns.

Written responses to personalised targeted mailing campaigns care still represent a large volume.

Other hard copy media handled are guarantee cards, competition redemptions etc.

We are able to measure results and produce reports for both Hard Copy and Email campaigns.

Integrated stock control measures allow more relevant 1-2-1 communication.

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