Direct Marketing

Mailrooms Online believe in intelligent designs, innovative ideas and creative thinking.

  • Leaflet Distribution
  • Live Call Handling + IVR
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Hard Copy – e.g. Coupon Responses
  • Fax Broadcasting
  • Graphics Design
  • Data Base management
  • Colour Printing
  • Tele Marketing


By using digital print you will be able to produce an exact number per customer required, also you are able to use imagery and variable data throughout your production.

Personalise large run litho print is enabled through variable data documenting, for example, we can print using litho and then using digital variable data printing we are able to add a unique access code.

We can guarantee complete personalisation as well as fold, staple, cut, bind booklets, collate, wiro-bind to as simple as hole punch to help enable pages being inserted into binders or sent in sets.

To reduce our and your Carbon Footprint your exact volumes will be processed, so no wastage and you can save money.

Our colour printers and black only printers can handle between 15,000 and 27,000 A4 sized mailings and hour.

Mailrooms Online produce consistent quality, a full colour production for all of your images; we also accommodate for a wide variety of different paper types, from gloss to embossed and matt.

Mailrooms Online can produce booklets inline and a square back finishes.

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