Delivery Options

You can save over 40% versus the price of a stamp depending upon how many items you are mailing and when you want them delivered.

Postage prices, whether UK or overseas, are changing on an ever-increasing basis and it is our job to know the best available rates for you.

When you start to mail in bulk (1000 +) you can start to save money through different delivery channels. Plus we will tell you if your mailing qualifies for the Advertising Mail tariff – considerable savings to be had!

We will discuss with you all of the rates, savings and time frames before sending any mailings out. Also if you include barcodes and OCR readable data this will ensure you sue the most cost effective rates available.

Whether you decide to use Royal Mail, Secured Mail UK Mail, Citipost, TNT, Walk Sort or others who would be competing for your business, Mailrooms Online will stay right up to date with the latest development and changes to tariffs, this ensures your receive the best possible rate when you need it.

For Example:

Mailsort is based upon organising mailing into specific destinations, so that when it leaves our warehouse it is sorted and pre-bagged  and sent to the nearest Royal Mail delivery centre.
You need a minimum of 4,000 small letters or 1,000 large letters to qualify.
Using postcodes means your data will be sorted and printed before your mailing is assembled. At least 90% of the postcodes must be accurate for this to be done, which we will cleanse for you and inform you of any anomalies.

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