Order Management

Improved responses, greater repeat purchases and higher donations, as well as lower postage costs can be generated through Intelligent data usage.

Database management is a very crucial part of your company’s ongoing Marketing Campaigns. They help to answer questions such as, who bought what, when, how often what else was bought etc. All questions that you would like to know the answers to in order to get to know your customers and send information that is relevant.

When you converse with people about what feels personal to them, you tend to overcome objectives and can engage with your customers on a 1-2-1 basis with your marketing material.

Mailrooms Online can monitor your data for trends and patterns to help you select any data to enable targeting. The data can then be profiled creating opportunities to use external list rentals in order to approach similar groups of people who would have similar profiles.

You are able use data in order to change a message by varying text and if using digital colour you are able to change pictures and colour text. You may decide to use a variety of logos and letterheads so we would use this data to determine which one to use.

When you produce statements and/or invoices we are able to use the data to determine marketing messages, undertake calculations and translate information into graph or chart format for reading performances.

Database driven direct marketing can prove the most effective, efficient and economic way to grow your new customer base, also in developing additional business with your existing valued customers and promote the building of loyalty among all customers.

Below are a few examples of what Mailrooms Online offer through this service:

  • Data Base Management
  • Walksort
  • Productflow / Orderflow (link to web services page)
  •  UK Mail
  • Delivery Options (link to delivery options page)
  • TNT
  • Royal Mail Franking Discounts
  • Archiving & Storage
  • Business Mail

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