Franking Machines

Mailrooms Online has many options available to you for your mailing requirements, including the option of a Franking Machine. Whether you are looking to present a professional image on franked mail with customised logos or just a quick and easy way to process outgoing mail without having to join queues at your local Post Office – we have the right solution for you.

We can supply you with a choice of different systems which are designed to cut out labour intensive weighing, pricing and sticking stamps. This process is extremely time consuming and so great savings can be made through Franking.

With our range of Smart Mailing Machines, companies will be able to reclaim VAT from HMRC; this has been effective since the introduction of VAT on certain Royal Mail services. These type of franking machines are commonly known as “Smart Meters”.

If you already have a Franking Machine that is not “Smart” or if you are not sure if your machine is “Smart” or not please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to help.

We supply the below makes:

Frama Franking System
Pitney Bowes

All of the Franking Machines MAILROOMS ONLINE supplies are fully VAT compliant SMART METERS.

To find out which Smart Franking Machine best suits your company’s requirements, please click on the usage categories below which would describes your level of usage:

Low – 5-20 letters per day

Mid – 21-50 letters per day

Mid/High – 51-100 letters per day

High/V High – 101+ per day

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